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Fine art

Creating art is one of the greatest joys I have in my life. It gives me a means in which I can convert my raw emotions and thoughts into a visual entity. It breathes life to my imagination. Painting and drawing gives me an outlet to vent my frustrations and helps my mind escape the drab drone of every day existence.

All of the works posted in the fine art section of the site are oil on board.

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Digital art

As an artist working in the digital realm, the possibilities are truly endless. Although my fingers and mind love to wrap themselves around a paintbrush or pencil, my creativity is taken to a different place in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I often scan or digitize a sketch and manipulate it using these programs allowing me to take my ideas to a place my hands may not be able to reach.

Photoshop allows me to paint and draw in a controlled fashion/ Illustrator lets me ink in and color in unique styles and create vector art. This is a system of points which uses algorithms to allow your image to be scaled at varying sizes without losing the crisp perfect quality of the original design. The works I have posted here are a mix both vector and Photoshop painted works.

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Graphic design

Graphic design is another art form that brings my imagination and creativity to a different canvas. I enjoy all aspects of this practice but particularly relish in using typography in combination with graphics. Seeing the words flow with the design and placing each sentence and graphic in their exact spot is an exciting and rewarding experience. Design can be about moving the viewer’s eye to flow along a certain path or just blowing some one’s retinas out with extreme graphics. Design can be subtle, outrageous, utilitarian or a successful combination of all three! Whatever the design, I will always find a way to leave even the tiniest piece of myself in the final product.

Please click the gears to the right to view some of my design work.

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About me


My name is Joe Weinreb, and I am a graphic designer. I also do some work with web design and development as you can see from this site. I have designed professionally for three years as the lead graphic artist for Ultimate Athlete magazine.

My responsibility at the magazine consisted of creating unique and eye catching article layouts and magazine covers. I was responsible for laying out the magazine in Adobe InDesign. Laying out the magazine consisted of ad placement, page numbering, and creation of the unique table of contents.

The magazine was created using a mixture of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, all of which I am very proficient.

Additionally, I created many advertisements and logos as well as vectors using Adobe Illustrator.

I was also responsible for some of the magazine’s web site maintenance. This consisted of creating web graphics and updating various aspects of the site.

Annually my biggest responsibility was creating and laying out the EC Insider which is the program guide for the Boomer Esiason Outback Steak House Challenge. I also created some advertising for this event.

Unfortunately Ultimate Athlete has fallen on some hard times and I was forced to leave and pursue greater challenges and opportunities.

I have and currently am doing freelance work as well. Some of my clients consist of:

- New York Institute of Technology:

> Health care project with NY COM which included logos and helped with the design and creation of health pamphlets.

- Sovereign Title:

> Advertising material such as a tri-fold brochure and business cards.

- Sovereign Consulting:

> Business cards and logos, built and maintained their website,

- Avitar Solutions:

> Business cards and advertisements.

- Covered in Love:

> Logos, marketing materials.

Another passion of mine is the fine arts. I am very fervent about drawing and painting. I primarily use oil paint, charcoal and pencil. Some of my drawings and paintings can be seen in my portfolio.

I have also have knowledge of video editing and creating graphics for videos. I use Adobe Premier and After Effects to manipulate my video project.

I hope you enjoy my site and all the art and designs I have posted here.

If you are looking for a talented designer for freelance or full time, I am currently available to provide you with effective and original design work that will enhance your brand and wow your clients.

Again thank you for taking the time to visit my site.